“Highlights” by Flawes

UK based indie pop band Flawes comes to us with a insightful yet cynical musical gem in “Highlights”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics the track explores the current reality of social media and how life is portrayed through it. It’s refreshingly real and honest and each sentence comes one after the other speaking about how false life can be when seen through the highlights of Facebook and Instagram stories and as the picture feel unreal and larger than life when it might just a good filter and some Photoshop. The guys have crafted tracks that I’ve enjoyed one after the other from the moment I first heard of them, but personally this one is my favorite so far. Explore their soundscape and enjoy the ride that awaits within it.

“The song ‘Highlights’ explores my relationship with social media, and how in certain instances it can affect real life relationships and the real world in a negative way. I tend to always overthink situations, so it’s a cynical look on this that builds up to the line “Nothing’s real but no one needs to know”.” – Flawes

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