“High Water” by Tim Schou

Danish indie singer/songwriter Tim Schou explores the ups and downs of a relationship with a mature and honest grasp with “High Water”. With this refreshing blend of melodies and lyrics he speaks from the truth and not from the fantasies that sometimes fill our heads. He understands that there good and bad moments when you are with someone and part of being in a relationship is accepting this. The track is quite charming and flows through the airwaves with a naturality that is refreshing to find for he knows he is not selling the dream but a beautiful attainable future. So dive into this love story he has crafted and let it speak to your heart and soul. Enjoy!

“I wanted to record something with an acoustic approach as a little winter blanket for my listeners, but also as a natural countdown for my acoustic solo show at “Skuespilhuset” in March. Both songs are about relationships for good and bad. If I’m Being Honest about the sometimes scary and confusing feeling of being in love, and High Water about the incidental fights and conflicts. They are thus connected as both sides of the coin” – Tim Schou

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