“Hey, Man!” by Gina Brooklyn

Uber talented young indie singer/songwriter Gina Brooklyn opens up and delivers the powerful musical gem that is “Hey, man!”. With this track she blends melodies, lyrics, emotions and the raw nature of the current landscape in the world to craft a soundscape that pulls you to listen. The track is so perfectly crafted and allows her voice to take charge and tell a story that most definitely should listen as it speaks of how we all treat each other and how the situation in the world is ours to be blamed for. There’s something about “Hey, Man!” that just resonates and opens up your eyes as you can see clearly as the world continues to go to hell and we don’t seem to listen but we need to make a change and do better. So listen carefully to what Gina Brooklyn has to say and embrace the passion of her verses as she paints a picture that is so real, so honest and so in your face that you can’t help but need more and more of it. Enjoy!

“This song is completely different from what I normally release- I wanted to take a step out of my comfort zone & create something really harsh and unique. I wrote this song from the perspective of God; Though this song isn’t explicitly a “Christian” song, which I also did on purpose, the meaning behind it remains true to the basic ideas of what it means to be human in the context OF Christianity. It’s basically about “man” (being a fallen human), choosing sin & evil over God, and through it all, God continues to offer help and guidance even though it’s continuously rejected. Overall it’s quite deep, but I wrote it in a way where everyone would be able to listen and take what they want from it. Art is so expressive and abstract- that’s what I absolutely love about it.” – Gina Brooklyn

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