“HERO aka Rich” by James Deacon

South African indie singer/songwriter James Deacon open up his heart and soul to allow to feel the pain he feels with the gem that is “HERO aka Rich”. With this inspiring and honest soundscape he speaks of something so personal and so real to him that it’s almost too easy to see the them come to life. The track is raw and intoxicating as it showcases the most beautiful and the most ugly side of humanity in one person making it feel so perfect for our imagination to simply make it ours. He allows his voice to come in with such passion and blend of feelings and emotions that it just stirs something inside inviting you sing along with him and show your support as success keeps on knocking door more and more every time. Enjoy!

“This song is a very important one for me. I wrote this song about my relationship with my brother that went from an inseparable bond and a decade worth of good times and life shaping events to an abrupt end in a fiery mess of emotions,” – James Deacon

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