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“Here to stay” by Flawes

UK based indie pop band Flawes come to us once more with a beautifully honest and inspiring musical creation with “Here to Stay”. With this refreshingly personal and universal blend of melodies and lyrics, the band not only open up their hearts and souls but invite us to do so as well providing the listener with a need sense of belonging. The track is filled with warmth and acceptance that you can’t help but feel as if you were at home as it unfolds perfectly in front of us. The track takes over the airwaves that surround us with a much-needed dose of empowering verses that are approachable and relatable. So dive into it and be as fearless as you can be and enjoy the wonderful adventure that awaits.

“It is an open letter to myself about the feeling of doubt that creeps in after you haven’t quite achieved what you set out to achieve just yet.” Explains front man JC. “It takes a journey through the questions you ask yourself during this period. The song then comes to the conclusion that I do actually belong here, I am “here to stay” and that I need to stop coming up with silly excuses and to overcome any self-doubt.”

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