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“Here if you need” by Callum Pitt

UK based indie singer/songwriter Callum Pitt opens up his heart and soul to deliver the honest beauty that is “Here if you need”. With this track, he invites us all to listen and speak and start a conversation not only with friends and family but with society. There’s something so real and touching about this amazing track that you immediately connect with it from the very first second. The track opens up itself to invite us to carefully understand that sometimes people need help in life and it can be solved by simply being there. So listen and enjoy this must listen gem.

“’Here If You Need’ is an open letter to a friend struggling with depression, encouraging conversation and underlining the fact that they aren’t facing italone.I’ve seen depression be debilitating to friends and leading them to feel isolated,feeling like they can’ttalk to anybody about it. Our ‘toughen up’culture can be very damaging in this regard, and sometimes people may need reminding that the people around them are there to talk and help.I hope thesong canbring some comfort to people in a similar position.”

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