“Heavy Words” by St Lundi

The UK based indie singer/songwriter St Lundi comes to us once more and this time he does so with the bittersweet musical gem that is “Heavy Words”. With this powerful and raw showcase of human emotions and what comes when the hearts are no longer in sync and the dark cloud of breaking up starts to loom above the relationship. The track is truly mesmerizing and manages to make the message clear as it comes alive and takes over the airwaves that surround us inviting us to explore the realm that resides within. He understands that when a relationship is at its end, the two that made it up should not stay quiet or get angry but instead talk and together come to an understanding that things are not the way they should and that is best to move on from each other. It knows that we must always be thankful for what was while not making be something longer than it should. Enjoy!

“’Heavy Words’ was written from the perspective of someone who feels as though their relationship is on the brink of breaking down as they know their partner is holding onto the words they don’t want to hear, words that could end everything. Accepting this is never easy but the only way to get through it is by talking with one another. This song takes you on that journey of realisation.” – St Lundi

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