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“Heaven” by Hermitage Green

Irish indie band Hermitage Green has created a track that I can almost assure has become my favorite of all time with their latest, “Heaven”. The soundscape is soothing, rebellious, surreal and in its own unique way so human and relatable that it is sure to immediately capture your attention. The instruments come together perfectly setting sounds into motion that feel familiar yet at the same time one of kind within the rock genre. Getting the chance to listen to this track is honestly a welcomed and necessary joy for all music lovers in the globe. Not only does it deliver amazing melodies and vocals, but the lyrics are mature, philosophical and personally filled with magic and hope that you are sure to smile after listening to it. “Heaven” is hands down one of the best, if not the best track of 2019 and it has entered my personal book as a contender for the best of all time. It has all the right ingredients to capture not only your senses but your heart and soul, so listen with me and let us enjoy this amazing ride.

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