“Heartshaker” by Tom Speight

UK based indie singer/songwriter Tom Speight comes to us with a refreshing and honest indie folk-pop gem in “Heartshaker”. With this track, he gets a bit romantic and hopeful as he exemplifies us all in our quest for love and that special person who simply shakes everything inside in an instant. The track is playful, inviting and in its own manner soothing for it allows us all to just close our eyes and feel the melodies and the lyrics surround us and take over our senses. His voice guides us through this soundscape and without hesitation we jump for the melodies and the verses tell a story that is relatable and so real in its human inspiration. So smile, listen and enjoy the latest must listen gem from Tom.

“‘Heartshaker’ was written after travelling back from New York City.. I was in a relationship at the time and it felt like everything was moving very fast for me and I was struggling to take it all in! I got back from the trip & finally had a chance to write about how I was feeling and had time to process the feeling of being afraid of being left behind in a relationship.”

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