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“Heartless” by YVR

Indie pop duo YVR comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with a bittersweet and honest gem in their track “Heartless”, part of their debut EP, ‘Night Days’. This playful, refreshing and inviting blend of lyrics and melodies serves as an insightful look into a relationship where one side gives more than the other one. The soundscape is immediately relatable to most if not all people as we have either seen or been part of a relationship as the one that takes place within the song. It caresses perfection while crafting something special and real that as listeners we not only enjoy but can even allow our imagination to play with. There’s no denying that the song is simply the tip of the iceberg and allows us all to dive deeper and deeper into their world. Enjoy!

“Heartless is about being in a relationship that feels one sided. When one person begins to detach themselves in order to protect their heart.”

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