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“Headcase” by Kailee Morgue ft Hayley Kiyoko

Kailee Morgue and Hayley Kiyoko join forces and together they deliver the insightful, inviting and honest musical creation that is “Headcase”. With this perfectly crafted must listen gem they open up and let us in to see what dwells inside their heads finding connections between what we see and what dwells inside of us. The track is an honest anthem to being true to who you are and understanding that at times things can be too much and you just can’t handle but there’s a world out there and someone at least is willing to listen. There’s such a magical and raw feel about this track that you can instantly jump into it and make it seem as if it was always meant to be one of your favorites. So listen, embrace it, connect with it and enjoy one truly one of a kind and wonderful track.

“When I wrote this song, I knew I wanted a strong female artist like Hayley on the track to not only represent the LGBTQ community, but to help translate the idea of owning your issues.” – Kailee Morgue

“I’m such a fan of Kailee’s music, and when she sent me ‘Headcase’ I really connected with the song right away. I was in a dark place of figuring out my own mental health at the time, and I related so much to the lyrics. That’s such a normal feeling, like you’re going crazy sometimes and can’t quite make sense of your emotions. It just felt like a perfect song for us to collaborate on.” – Hayley Kiyoko

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