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“Have fun at your party” by GRAACE

Australian singer/songwriter GRAACE delivers an honest and inviting soundscape with her latest single, “Have fun at your party”. With this exquisite and playful soundscape, she has crafted something so refreshing and so special that immediately plays with your imagination and pulls you in. The song takes something so relatable like a party and adds layers to it making sure the symbolism behind each verse is felt and understood. You immediately find a reflection of an experience you have gone through or might be going through right now within this sweet blend of melodies and lyrics. So be hypnotized by the intoxicating evolution of this must listen gem as it delivers a palpable and real story. Enjoy!

“I was ‘dating’ *I say that loosely* someone when I started writing this” explains GRAACE.“We were both going through breakups and were both so confused about our mental states but also heavily relying on each other to pick each other up all the time. We went a lot of the first few months together trying to deny how we felt about each other, constantly pushing one away then pulling them back”.

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