“Hate you now” by Zizzo World

London based indie singer/songwriter Zizzo World comes to us with the electric and passionate blend of melodies and lyrics that is “Hate you now”. With this soundscape, he crafts a world that is so real, so raw and so honest as it takes shape and form allowing the soundscape to naturality pour out into reality. There’s something about the way the melodies and lyrics come together that is so easy to connect and find a reflection of a moment or experience in life as he speaks of love and the sad reality of heartbreak. He understands that at times we paint someone to be bigger than what they truly are and when finally see the reality of who they are and all the pain they’ve cause we want to feel hate but it’s not always that easy. The track is without an amazing musical creation that makes for a perfect addition to any playlist out there. So pay careful attention to what this soundscape holds for you are sure to find something in it that will hit home. Enjoy!

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