“Hard Seasons” by RY

Indie singer/songwriter RY comes to us with a romantic and quite charming blend of melodies and lyrics with “Hard Seasons”. As the verses come one after the other the track takes shape and form and tells a story that speaks from his heart to ours. The soundscape is playful and pop magic happens as it come alive and plays with our imagination letting our senses embrace the feelings and emotions that roam around. He has crafted a contemporary must listen gem that comes to us with a welcoming and soothing touch. So listen and explore the world that comes alive within this fantastic soundscape. Enjoy!

“’Hard Seasons’ came as a surprise. We were in the middle of writing another song and the chorus came out of nowhere so we rode the wave. The song is about the consistency that music gives me with the comfort of having something positive to lean back on.” – RY

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