“Happy Little Thoughts” by Freedom Fry

My favorite French-American duo is back with another masterpiece, say hello to Freedom Fry and their mesmerizing musical gem, “Happy little thoughts”. With this honest and inspiring musical creation, they embrace the reality of feeling down and how this affects not only the mind but the heart as well. It’s a clear showcase of what goes on behind closed doors as we look at others being happy and full of life while we are just spiraling down a hole that we can’t seem to find an escape from. It’s a perfect reminder of the fragile nature of the human soul and invites us all to be more understanding of others, for we don’t know whats going on inside their hearts and souls. So listen and pay careful attention as the verses unfold and tell a story that has a message crafted for us all. Enjoy!

‘”Happy Little Thoughts” is a song about feeling down and out of place because everyone & everything around you seem happier than you.’ – Freedom Fry

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