“Hanging On” by Quinn Lewis

Australian indie singer/songwriter Quinn Lewis takes a distinct route from most and delivers his latest single, “Hanging On”. With this track, he speaks about relationships but focuses on the part when it is time to move on from what once was. He is refreshingly honest about and the lyrics and melodies serve to ensure this is felt from the very first second. He speaks from the heart and does not sugarcoat the fact that it is time to move forward and let go because they owe it to themselves to enjoy what’s out there. The track is both youthful and mature making it an inviting and understanding creation. Enjoy!

“‘Hanging On’ is about a girl who I knew wasn’t into the relationship but who kept pulling me back in,” he explains. “Finally, I told her, ‘You can’t keep me hanging on like this, you’ve just gotta cut the cord and let me go.’”

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