“Hands on me” by James Hersey & ELI

Indie singer/songwriters James Hersey and ELI join forces and together they deliver the inspiring gem that is “Hands on me”. With this exquisite musical creation they come to us and offer us a chance to feel understood and loved as they understand there are times we just loose ourselves to the pain and the sadness that’s out there. The track holds you tightly and makes you feel at ease and at home as it caresses your heart and soul with a gentle touch. There’s something about this blend of melodies and lyrics that makes it a must listen track not only for it’s catchy and intoxicating melodic nature but also for the human and charming verses that the vocals transport directly to our senses. So listen closely and know that you are not alone and that at least this soundscape is there waiting for you to let you know that everything will be just fine. Enjoy!

“’Hands On Me’ is about loving someone who’s lost the power to love themselves. It’s about offering yourself as a sanctuary for the other when times get bad. We want to give our fans the courage and means to speak up and reach out when it’s all too much. To show them that we’re here for them, and that we should all be here for one another.” – James Hersey & ELI

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