“Half Gone” by Stephen Puth

Los Angeles based indie singer/songwriter Stephen Puth opens up his heart and soul with his latest single, “Half Gone”. With this honest and relatable blend of lyrics and melodies, he speaks of the pain and difficulties that at times come to us after our hearts break. He questions how can he love again and that is something that I’ve personally asked myself and I think many others have done as well. Once you’ve given so much of you and then seeing all feel as if wasted, you asked and wonder why and how can you be brave enough to do it again. The soundscape he has crafted allows us to feel understood and heard as he has gone through that pain as we have, it gives it all a more human touch that is very much welcomed. So listen carefully, find your story within his verses and enjoy the human beauty of this must listen gem.

‘Half Gone’ talks about how every time you try to find love you’re always giving a piece of your heart away. Sometimes, others take more and make it difficult to find closure and move on, because part of you missed the old them. Through time you’ll be alright, but sometimes it hurts so bad that literally half your heart feels gone.”

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