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“GWTC” by The Dumes

Indie Rock band The Dumes has quickly become one of my favorite bands and even a source of inspiration and with their latest track, “GWTC” is easy to understand why. The track comes from a real place that was personal to vocalist Elodie Tomlinson and in a way it also feels personal to us as well. There’s something so raw, so inviting and so utterly haunting about this soundscape that your music loving heart is sure to beat a little faster as the track unfolds. The arrangement is exquisite and finds the perfect balance between passion and calm allowing Elodie to come in a let her voice soar through the mesmerizing magic of this soundscape. Let us jump into the world they have meticulously crafted and enjoy another must listen gem that is now added to their repertoire.

“GWTC was inspired by a period of my life when i thought i was totally losing myself but i actually ended up finding myself.”

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