“Grew Apart” by Donovan Woods

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Donovan Woods comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the honest and bittersweet soundscape of “Grew Apart”. With this refreshing exploration of a broken heart he embraces the reality of relationships may not always go the right and it’s not always necessary to share what happened privately. He shows a unique and necessary respect to what the relationship meant while accepting all the good and the bad. He now knows that what is happening is the best even if it hurts and the memories still roam inside your head. The soundscape is so raw and so real that it delivers and intoxicating and quite inviting truth that we can all connect with. So listen and know that our hearts are meant to break but our mouths are not always meant to share because what goes behind close doors is not always meant for the world to know. Both sides can be good and bad, sometimes they just can’t blend as one would hope. Enjoy!

“This song is about all the things we tell ourselves a breakup is about when perhaps the truth is just that two people didn’t like each other enough. The chorus is a list of linguistic place holders that people use to communicate one thing: I don’t want to talk about it. I think men tend to speak about break-ups in this way so their pride doesn’t get wounded, when in truth, they’re hurting.” – Donovan Woods

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