“Grateful” by ORIAN

Irish indie singer/songwriter ORIAN comes to us with a soothing and gentle reminder of the things that matter with his sonic gem, “Grateful”. With this down to earth and vulnerable blend of melodies and lyrics he gives life to a track bound to pick you up and push you forward. The track has all the right touches to be not only inviting but quite mesmerizing and intoxicating as it all comes together and it takes over the airwaves that surround you. There’s a message hidden within this amazing soundscape that honestly seems so necessary to be heard nowadays and personally is one that I will gladly share. So dive into this amazing story and let it make you smile and fill you with a much need dose of warmth and understanding. Enjoy!

“‘Grateful’ “reflects the vulnerability that I feel, and how important having the right people around you can be at these times. In short, it’s a reminder to be there for one another, and to be grateful for the people we surround ourselves with.” – ORIAN

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