“Grateful Dead” by Simen Mitlid

Norwegian indie singer/songwriter Simen Mitlid comes to us with the haunting and unique sonic gem that is “Grateful Dead”. With this mesmerizing and refreshing intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics he gives us an invitation to explore a realm bound to connect with us. The track speaks about an issue that is so real and so palpable in the world nowadays, miscommunication and how this can be like ghosts haunting you everyday. The track is quite beautiful within it’s bittersweet nature and manages to provide listeners with the proper balance of reality and magic. So listen and dive into this realm of melodies and verses made to grab a hold of you and make you feel connected. Enjoy!

“Grateful Dead is a song about ghosts, both in a metaphorical way and a concrete way. I wanted to write about miscommunication and ghosts became a metaphor for that.” – Simen Mitlid

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