“Good Ones” by LeyeT

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess LeyeT comes to us with a question that many currently ask the world with her musical gem, “Good Ones”. She comes to us with charming and captivating pop melodies that perfectly house her vocals allowing her to paint a picture that instantly connects with our imagination. The soundscape is mesmerizing as her voice and melodies come together to deliver a fine pop creation that makes music lovers instantly connect as she opens up her heart and soul. We can catch a glimpse of our own reflections as the quest of love for some remains mainly in the idealistic dream that seems harder and harder to find in the current trends that society has embraced. There’s a much-needed critique found within this track as she embodies what many now believe as something real seems more difficult to embrace. So listen and continue your quest for maybe someone will appear or maybe your happiness is in the embrace of your own reflection as life pushes you forward each and every day. The choice to be alone or with someone is yours and you sure as hell deserve to ask for something real, honest and ready to make you happy and full of that special kind of warmth that makes your heart skip a beat. Enjoy!

“It’s been interesting and different for me to be single for an extended season in my life. I’ve learned so much and nearly feel like a new person all together – the fully free, authentic version of me. At the same time though, I do miss being in love…at least the thought of it. My experience so far however, in beginning to warm up to the idea of love again, hasn’t been great. I know I’m not alone in feeling that dating trends, to over generalize, feel transactional and shallow. So to speak on behalf of anyone else feeling me in this I ask… where have they gone, all the good ones?!” – LeyeT

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