“Good enough” by Ben Kessler

Indie singer/songwriter Ben Kessler opens up his heart and soul to deliver the honest gem that is “Good enough”. With this refreshing real and inviting musical creation, he blends melodies and lyrics to tell story that is sure to feel so palpable and personal. He embraces the sad reality of the human mind as we at times don’t know how to feel worthy of being loved or loving for insecurities, immaturities and lack of experience can pull us down and make us want to find an exit door on something good. He understands how we can at times be the makers of our sadness as he dives into his soul to see how maybe he is his own worst enemy. We have found ourselves in his shoes at times and whether we go through with our fall or not remains part of our own experience and route in life. So listen closely and connect the dots as the track paints a picture that is sure to land home. Enjoy!

“…We’re perfect on paper
Still finding every reason I can to forget her
So used to making my head hurt
Wondering if there’s anybody else out there…”

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