“Good Enough” by Georgia Greene

Indie singer/songwriter Georgia Greene comes to us with the bittersweet and honest tale of her latest single, “Good Enough”. With this mesmerizing honest track, she explores the ins and outs of falling in and out of love. She understands that at times while our mouths might be guided by our brains to say something, the heart might not agree in the end. In a way, the track reminds us all of the many times we have said “I love you” to someone and promised them forever yet most likely we are not with those people but for that moment in time we definitely wished for it. She gives us a fine dose of truth that may seem harsh but it’s beautifully honest and so raw that you can embrace it and connect with it. The story seen and told is one that may feel familiar to most, if not all of us. We jump into these unknows hoping for the best, but maybe that was never good enough to make it last. So listen closely, close eyes and remember your own tales of loves long gone. Enjoy!

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