“Go to hell” by Cat Pierce

One of the best singer/songwriters out there is back and she does so with a vengeance, say hello to Cat Pierce and her anti-valentines gem, “Go to hell”. Through surreal yet palpable melodies and lyrics, she tells a story of heartache, betrayal and a broken heart that heals. She puts a liar, a cheat and man-child on the spot reminding him that all the bad you bring does return and the world know about it when it happens. It’s poetic, powerful and something about it just hypnotizes you for the song is a must listen creation that shines on the current music scene. She gives something more than what we are used to and I personally, welcome it and embrace with a smile. We need stories like this one for the world is made up of various shades and some of them are bitter but still need to be showcase for in there lies a unique and refreshing beauty. Enjoy!

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