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“Glitter” by BENEE

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented singer/songwriter BENNEE with another fantastic showcase of melodies and lyrics, this time with “Glitter”. With this one of a kind soundscape, she manages to give us a sweet blend of playfulness and relatability that easily connects with us all. There’s something about this track that just captures your attention and pulls you into a world that is colorful, surreal and palpable to the touch. Her voice shines through with such passion and magic allowing us mere mortals to continue falling more and more with the sweet ambrosia that she provides. Honestly, BENEE is a young artist that personally deserves to be labeled as an indie goddess and I recommend anyone and everyone to make sure they write down her name for she has that spark to shine through in the music scene and become a household name. Enjoy!

“…Everyone else has left now
I bet that disc got you stressed out
Wondering, what can we do now?
Baby let it burn out
Where I can’t feel my face
Hmm, minds twisted in weird ways
Wondering, what can we do now?
Baby let it burn out…”

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