“Give me something” by Sam Way

UK based indie singer/songwriter Sam Way gives us a sweet dose of something mesmerizing within the musical realm with “Give me something”. With this refreshingly honest and surreal yet down to earth blend of melodies and lyrics he embodies all of us as in these unique and unknown times in which the world is not the same and we can’t seem to find a place in it. It explores the inner struggle and inner quest to find a place to feel safe as we all crave for an escape that takes us from the mundane holds that pull us down. It’s an intoxicating and vivid soundscape that is sure to grab a hold of you as it instantly connects and gives your senses a place to feel at home. So listen carefully, because maybe that something you were searching for might be waiting for you and this track might help guide you to it. Enjoy!

“I wrote ‘Give me something to voice a side of me that was battling a mounting sense of defeat in my personal life and I knew something had to change, but as this unprecedented global pandemic began changing life as we knew it, the meaning of the song also transformed for me. As we were yoked together in this strange and challenging experience, Give me something began to strike a more powerful human chord. When I saw Kirk’s photography documenting the haunting scenes and desolate streets of London, I reached out to see how we could collaborate on the upcoming release. I didn’t know what to expect, but we’ve made something truly powerful.” – Sam Way

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