“Gentle” by Madi Meeks

With such a young age indie singer/songwriter Madi Meeks comes to the pop music scene as a breath of fresh air with “Gentle”. With carefully crafted verses she shows the world that age is just a number and that her talent knows no limits for it seems to grow with each and every track delivered. Her lyrics are so beautiful and so poetic that they immediately embrace your heart and whisper a story that is so real and so human. You know you are in for something unique and so special that you let your senses dive freely into this sweet unknown. So listen carefully with me and let us enjoy this mesmerizing ambrosia of musical mastery.

“Writing ‘Gentle’ was cathartic release for me that helped give me needed emotional strength while coming out of a bad relationship. I hope others can listen to it and realize that they are not alone in dealing with a bad relationship and have strength to move on quickly.” – Madi Meeks

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