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“Game Over” by margø

Canadian born indie singer/songwriter margø comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the inspiring verses of “Game Over”. With this passionate, haunting and refreshingly honest soundscape, she pulls us into a world of her creation and manage to find a new source for hope and determination. The track is beautifully inspiring and manages to serve us all a fine dose of not only sounds but much-needed inspiration. The soundscape gains inspiration from the ups and downs of life and in there manages to connect instantly with the listeners for it is made of human realities and not fantasies that are hard to grasp. We are inspired to stand up and look at all the challenges and negativity that at times will appear in front of us with new eyes as we are now reminded of the strength that lies inside all of us. So listen carefully and embrace the  beauty of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

“Game Over is about standing up for yourself and being determined to challenge any sources of negativity in your life. This song is about recognizing your inner strength, and not allowing anyone to intimidate you, make you feel unworthy, or stand in the way of your own happiness”

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