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“Future Lovers” by Beck Pete

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Beck Pete comes to us with the electrically vibrant gem that is “Future Lovers”. With this powerful and exquisite blend of melodies and lyrics, the uber talented and beautiful artist speaks out against those that use people as simple placeholders as they wait for the next thing to arrive. The track is so honest, so raw and definitely packs a punch making the entirety of the soundscape instantly connect with the listeners as the lyrics unfold. There’s something so human and so real about the track that there’s a high chance that as you hear it you may find moments in which you’ll feel as if what you are hearing is your own set of experiences. So jump into unknown beauty of this must listen gem and let Beck guide you through the charm and fire of this soundscape. Enjoy!

“This song is about going through the motions, feeling like what you have is the real thing when, in reality, you are just a placeholder for the other person. It’s about someone capitalizing on your feelings and using your interaction for practice and just assuming you know that’s the case… or somehow you missed it (but you definitely didn’t).”

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