“Fuckboy” (Acoustic) by BAUM

Indie pop singer/songwriter BAUM comes to us with raw in your face melodies that speak to modern crowds with pure and unscripted honesty, say hello to “Fuckboy”. With this soundscape she does place the blame on the other side but accepts the reality that she has chosen. She does not put herself or anyone on a pedestal and instead stays true to what her story is. She shares feelings and emotions mixed with verses and melodies that paint a vivid picture that easily connects with the listeners. Her voice and verses come to us like a breath of fresh air that is not only youthful but down to earth as it live in a land of fantasy but firmly connected with the reality of the modern existence. Enjoy!

“…You ain’t even talking
You ain’t even loving
I already bought these things we do
You ain’t even listen
You don’t want the real shit
But it’s cool cuz I’m a fuckboy too…”


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