“Friends with your girlfriend” by Savannah Sgro

Indie singer/songwriter Savannah Sgro comes to us with catchy and honest soundscape of her latest gem, “Friends with your girlfriend”. The track is a perfect addition to the ever growing pop landscape and delivers a sweet dose of something different and unique that was much needed. While the track may feel as if it was someone in love with a friend who keeps on introducing girlfriend after girlfriend, in reality in much more honest and less mundane as it comes from the point of a view of a daughter who wonder if she should be invested in her father’s relationships. She wants to be nice but she does want to pain of saying goodbye when the breakup arrives for it seems to always arrive. She craves something real and inspiring for her father but she wonders if he wants to play to card. So listen closely and I am sure your imagination will start connecting the dots and painting and very real picture. Enjoy!

Fun fact: Savannah wrote the song for her dad

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