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“Friend of a Friend” by Calan Mai

Australian indie folk-pop singer/songwriter Calan Mai comes to us with the heartfelt and honest gem that is “Friend of a friend”. With this one of a kind soundscape, he embraces the in-between love, hope, and sadness in which we end up finding ourselves in at times. There’s something so poetically bittersweet yet so beautiful about this song that you can’t help but embrace it and connect with him. Calan speaks from the heart and by doing so he does what is rarely seen and actually speaks to the listeners and tells a story that we can fall for. This track is uniquely charming and special and personally, it has become a personal favorite. Enjoy!

“In early 2018, I traveled to the US and recorded with a few different producers in Los Angeles. ‘Friend of a Friend’ was written during one of these sessions. I entered a studio in Hollywood at 7 PM and came out at midnight with a 2-minute demo about a break-up I hadn’t even had yet. But the song felt more real to me than a recount of past events or present anguish. It seemed honest to write about a future I could predict as sure as a sunrise. Now I’m living the lyrics I wrote a year ago. I’ve given up the most important relationship I ever had for the pursuit of a dream that may never come to pass. And it’s the most liberating thing I’ve ever done because it may all be for nothing. That’s what ‘Friend of a Friend’ is about — the space between what you know will happen and what you hope will happen. I’ve learnt to live there.”

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