“Freak” by KOKO

UK based indie pop band KOKO come to us with the perfect anthem for the unique, the one of a kind, the limited edition people of the world with the gem that is “Freak”. With this exquisite pop banger the guys take you on a roller-coaster ride that is sure to remain as part of your memory. The soundscape is amazing and so mesmerizing from beginning to end that you are sure so find an instant connection. The verses hit you one after the other as they empower you and remind you that there’s nothing wrong with being who you are. There’s nothing bad with being a freak, because it means that there’s no one else out there like you and that is so amazing and sadly rare to find nowadays. So be you and dive into this fantastic soundscape and enjoy the ride!

 “It’s a FU to the man! We’re telling you to be whoever, or whatever, you want. Embrace individuality” – KOKO

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