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“Forgotten Kids” by Callum Pitt

UK based indie singer/songwriter Callum Pitt comes to Wolf in a Suit with an introspective and honest gem in “Forgotten Kids”. With this honest, human and at the same time mesmerizing soundscape he explores the rough reality of his surroundings and creates something so raw and so relatable. The blend of lyrics and melodies balance each other perfectly allowing this indie rock gem to flow with ease through the airwaves and really speaking to us all. The song is without a doubt a necessary dose of reality that at times music must be able to share and convey to the masses letting us not only enjoy something amazing but open our eyes to the world. Enjoy!

“This song is written in response to the massive rise in poverty, use of food banks and rough sleepers in the UK. The title ‘Forgotten Kids’ refers to the people let down by the system; the people who are left waiting weeks or months for benefits and help from the council… we are such a rich country that poverty shouldn’t be an issue; such huge gaps in wealth in the UK are absurd.”

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