“Forgive Yourself” by Em Beihold

Up and coming indie singer/songwriter Em Beihold comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with an amazing track is “Forgive yourself”. There’s something about this track that is so beautiful and so powerful that your heart and soul will instantly connect with it as it delivers a message that needs to be heard. She reminds us that we all fall and that we all make mistakes, but we are also capable to getting back up and finding the strength to push forward no matter the walls that need to be broken down. The message within the soundscape is one that will put a smile on your face as it reminds you that you are an amazing being and you are full of potential and unknown magic that makes so unique and so amazing. So listen carefully and share it with everyone no matter if they friends or foes, we all need to hear this amazing track. Enjoy!

“This song is what I would have said to a friend of mine who committed suicide from a drug overdose in July of 2019. In a more universal sense, this song communicates that we should be gentle and patient with ourselves, especially when times are rough.” – Em Beihold

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