“Forever Forget” by Lucia & the best boys

UK based indie pop-rock band Lucia & the best boys come to us once more with the mesmerizing and inviting musical gem that is “Forever Forget”. With this refreshing and utterly intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics, they play with the subjects to regret and moving on in a way that is quite human and honest. The track does not sell us the fantasy but actually explores the pain that at times can be found in memories of moments already gone. They understand that things are not as simple as saying them and then they are gone, it requires times, patience, and the will to forget and move on (which at times can be the hardest thing to obtain for this formula). So close your eyes and know you are not alone in this battle between the present and the past. Enjoy!

“Forever Forget was the second song I wrote on the EP. I had gone away to write this EP to get everything I had to say out of my head, then to go home and draw a line under the way I was feeling as I realised I was dragging myself into the depths of hell a bit! Forever Forget is about the painful and constant reminder you have of how things used to be, and all the ‘What if’s. It speaks similarly to ‘Let Go’ about how it is okay to leave things behind and move forward.” – Lucia Fairfull of Lucia & the best boys

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