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“Forest through the trees” by Peyton Stilling

18 year old indie singer/songwriter Peyton Stilling comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with a hauntingly mature musical gem in her single, “Forest through the trees”. Through this inspired soundscape, she speaks of life and of the ups and downs that are part of it as we sometimes find ourselves completely lost in the in-between. Her lyrics capture the bittersweet blend of feelings and emotions that are at times part of these moments as we find ourselves blinded by what could have been while what could be stares straight at us. It’s an open invitation to find deeper meaning not only in the good but also in the bad as everything gives us a chance to grow. So listen closely as you will find hope among these verses and smile for someone understands you. Enjoy!

“This song came from a time in my life last year when I was feeling confused about the unknown,” she says. “I had just been rejected from a prestigious music school and was feeling completely lost. I thought I had my future planned out and was so focused on what I thought would be best for me.”

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