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“For You” by Aidan Gallagher

Talented young indie singer/songwriter/actor/activist Aidan Gallagher comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with his mesmerizing gem, “For You”. With this uniquely charming and romantic soundscape the young artist explores the idea of a love that is undying and everlasting. Within this blend of melodies and lyrics he crafts a special song that is both warm and bittersweet yet so hypnotizing and inviting. The track takes shape and form in front of us allowing our senses to connect and our hearts, minds and souls to embrace the story that has be created. So listen closely, shed a tear, give a smile to the skies and enjoy the sweet beauty of this must listen gem.

Heard before: “Miss You” ( with Trinity Rose)

“…In my mind flowers surround her name
The ghost of her is What I chase
And as soon as I get close she’s far away
But it seems she’s been here today…”

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