“Footwork” by BOII

UK based indie duo BOII come to us with the enticing and mesmerizing musical gem that is “Footwork”. With this exquisite soundscape they pull us into a story that comes from the heart to speaks to our souls as it delivers vivid and charming verses. There’s something so beautiful and so honest about this track that it just serves your imagination a much needed dose of what humanity can accomplish. It’s a tale of love and fighting for something that is worth all the sweat and all the tears. So listen carefully and dive into this electric and eclectic realm and enjoy the magic and sweet melodies that it provides.

“‘Footwork’ has a lot of personal resonance because it’s partially about my wife. We were texting long distance when I was in New York writing the song. We finally went on our first date when I got back to London and now we’re married!” – Adam Welsh of BOII

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