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“Fools” by KONGOS

Indie rock band KONGOS come to us with the mesmerizing and refreshing musical gem that is their single, “Fools”. With this exquisite musical creation they take our senses for a ride as the melodies and verses come together to create a world that we can dive into. The soundscape is intoxicating and strangely soothing as it takes shape and form telling a story that is surreal yet down to earth. Each sentence follows perfectly to the previous ensuring the listener an experience that will feel as if the sweet nectar of the legendary ambrosia of the gods of Olympus was flowing through your body. You’ll be hooked by the sweet magic that is found is this soundscape and I am sure the track will become a fan favorite. Enjoy!

“…I know something terrifies you

As you button your cuff and it tears you in two

What if nothing can cover up the fear that you feel

And nothing remains from the looks that you steal…”

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