“Fool for you” by Chris Howard

UK based indie singer/songwriter Chris Howard comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the refreshing indie gem that is “Fool for you”. With this playfully seductive and inspiring blend of melodies and lyrics he talks about love and how it can lead you to do things you never thought of before. He embraces the feeling with open arms and realizes that there’s no going back for his heart has made a decision and he now wants to make sure the other person knows how deep his feelings go. Love is a magical and surreal experience that can turn the mundane nature of life into one filled with constant unknowns that can be incredibly gratifying. So listen carefully and explore the ins and outs of this world he has crafted. Enjoy!

“…And I know that some things ain’t meant to be,
But there’s a feeling I get when you’re close to me;
And this foolish old heart that’s inside of me,
Just keeps me hanging on…”

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