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“FOMO” by Life in a Tree

Nashville based indie Rock-Pop band Life in a Tree comes to us with an inspiring and charming musical creation with their track, “FOMO”. The talented ensemble has crafted something so raw, so honest and quite frankly so necessary to hear not only for myself or for the band but for everyone. The lyrics speak of our constant immature necessity of comparing ourselves with others either via social media or in real life hoping to attain that same “perfect” life. But instead of being full of fear of missing out on this fantasy, the song invites us to find joy on missing out on this and instead search for our own perfection filled with what matters to us and not to someone else. So listen carefully and find the inspiration you needed to smile at what you got and aim to be better not for something or someone but for yourself. Enjoy!

“The lyrics were inspired by the constant struggle of allowing the internet and social media to bring out my own insecurities and warped self-worth. I’ve found it especially difficult to see past the feeds of polished internet-lives without feeling as if I’m missing out on something ‘better’. It’s so important for us to resist getting stuck on what we lack in comparison to others and to have confidence in our own distinct lives. So the next time you find yourself alone on a Saturday night dressed in your favorite pajamas at 10pm with a bowl of Ben and Jerry’s at your side, feel confident in your choice of relaxation and know that you are enough. Only you can be the one to turn your ‘bad case of FOMO’ into ‘JOMO’, ‘the joy of missing out'” – Molly of Life in a Tree

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