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Five Days A Week And Twice On Sunday

“Five Days A Week And Twice On Sunday” by Grand Am

Indie rock band Grand Am comes to Wolf in a Suit with the rebellious and catchy soundscape of “Five days a week and twice on Sunday”. With this exquisite and intoxicating blend of melodies and lyrics they pull us in an instant and remind us that there are things out there that we are sure to want more than anything. The track is perfection and in an instant became one of my favorites and during this time at home, it has become one that I jam to every afternoon. The track is infectious and there’s something about it that catches you with lush and rebellious hooks that will surely connect with you. The soundscape is a sweet blend of classic and contemporary melodies that make it a one of a kind addition to the rock genre. So come with me and let us remember that there are things still pending that we want more than anything out there. When things get well, let’s go out there and pursue our dreams. Enjoy!

“The story behind the hook “Five Days A Week And Twice On Sundays” goes back to when I lived in New Orleans. There was an old guy in the neighborhood who used to come around, and he would show up (uninvited) at a barbeque or house party would stay a little while and tell some stories. I only met him a handful of times, but the thing that stuck with me is that when he was talking about something he really wanted or liked he’d say “five days a week and twice on Sundays.” And he said it a lot. It was such an expressive way of saying yes and showing how badly he wanted something, and it stuck with me. When we wrote the retro rock riff that’s the foundation of this song it brought me back to my time in New Orleans with it’s groove and attitude, and that old saying that’s been stuck in my head all these years felt like a perfect fit.” – Grand Am

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