“Find an island” by BENEE

From New Zealand comes the uber-talented indie singer/songwriter BENEE to give us the honest gem that is “Find an island”. With this refreshing and uniquely soothing blend of melodies and lyrics, she opens up her heart and soul and speaks about friendships and how at times you just want to hate your friends but you’ll always love them. It’s human and real as she lets her verses reflect the stories that roam through our memories for we have all been there once or twice. Friendships are not perfect and that makes them amazing and so beautiful because we don’t have to like our friends all the time but can sure as hell care for them always. She understands this quite clearly and takes in a way that is mature as she allows her soundscape to take shape and form as it makes us feel at ease and at home. Enjoy!

“Howdily doodley! This is a song I wrote about my best bud because sometimes ya hate your friends, but you always love them.” – BENEE

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