“Fighter” by Jenny Yim

Indie singer/songwriter Jenny Yim comes to us with the powerful and mesmerizing musical creation that is “Fighter”. With this amazing track she explores the ups and downs of a toxic relationship as one side knows yet still hopes the other person will change. It’s an honest track that borrows inspiration from real life situations and experiences that can easily find their reflection within these verses and melodies. Her voice is so powerful and filled with feelings and emotions that our hearts and souls and bound to connect the dots as it all takes shape and form right in front of us. Jenny’s voice is the perfect guide through this world for it lands like a much needed dose of reality that opens our eyes to how the mind at times works when you are in this situation. It reminds us that it is so easy to say and suggest many recommendations and solutions but never really understanding what lies within the mind and the heart of the people involved. So listen carefully and embrace the reality of this soundscape as it teaches you something valuable. Enjoy!

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