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“Fibromyalgia” by ViVii

Swedish indie band ViVii comes to us with the Fleetwood Mac-inspired must listen gem that is “Fibromyalgia”. With this intoxicating and mesmerizing soundscape, the talented band pulls us all in the blink of an eye with the sweet magic of its melodies and lyrics. We are transported to a world that lies within the beautifully crafted musical creation that is this song making it a must-have experience for all. We are hypnotized by the finely tuned union of sounds and verses that make up this retro-inspired soundscape and honestly there’s no denying that we are listening to an instant classic. So listen closely, let yourself fall for the magic that is part of this song and enjoy this music listen gem!

“Fibromyalgia has nothing really to do with the lyrics in the song. The day this song was written, Emil was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and it was both sad gave some relief. With that diagnose in mind, this Fleetwood Mac inspired song was born”

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