“Fever” by Tatum

South African indie singer/songwriter Tatum comes to Wolf in a Suit once more with the intoxicating and powerful soundscape of “Fever”. With the honest route she takes she allows all to connect and to find a reflection of our mishaps in love within her verses and melodies. The track unfolds in such poetic and mesmerizing fashion that you can’t help but feel hypnotized as the lyrics unfold and tell a story so human and so raw. She understands that there are times in which we fail to see the true face of someone and simply fall for the fantasy that our minds and hearts have crafted. There’s a sweet unknown walking through this soundscape that makes it an instant hit and turns people into fans of a voice meant to shine through the music realm. So dive into this world that while personal can feel universal to our frail existence. Enjoy!

“This song is about letting the wrong person into your life, about loving someone who is dangerous. Intense love can feel like a fever, but a fever is usually a sign of a deeper infection. It’s ultimately a kind of ruinous attraction. It talks about being sucked into a noxious relationship but because it looks so beautiful and the attraction is so powerful, it becomes an almost poetic and beautiful one way ticket to failure.” – Tatum

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