“Feelings” by John Newman

John Newman is back in 2019 and he comes to Wolf in a Suit with one of the most amazing singles I’ve heard, say hello to “Feelings”. The stylish and utterly talented singer/songwriter is back at it and he shows us all that he is made to rule to the pop genre with passionate and electric melodies and lyrics that come perfectly together through a unique and inviting voice. The track is so catchy, so playful and so honest that the story it serves us pulls us in an instant. There’s no denying that there’s something special about the song that really connects with our hearts and souls developing a soundscape so charming, so real and so perfectly his.  John continues his evolution within the music scene and this track is proof that what’s to come is sure to grab the world by storm. So dive into a story of doubt, love, heartache and the unknown reality of it all as he guides us through a perfect combination of verses, sounds, and emotions. Enjoy!

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